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Advantages of Briquetting Machine Manufacturers

After sales service

Guarantee to provide users with good pre-sales and after-sales service, to introduce the product performance and use requirements before the order, provide relevant information, and be a good user.


The product is indeed a product quality problem during the “three guarantees” period, and strictly fulfills the liability for compensation as stipulated in the contract.

Problem response

After receiving the user’s request to solve the problem notification of the product in use, the company made an initial response within 1 hour.

Technical Training

Technical training for users’ needs, quality tracking and user access for key users, timely improvement of product performance according to user needs, and continuous improvement of product quality.

Accessories offer

Accessories and consumables for the product are offered at an ex-factory price.

Installation guide

If you need technical services, we will send professional and technical personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guide the installation work.

About Us

Equipment of briquetting, crushing, mixing, conveying, cement, coal, manual machine-made
sand, and other complete plants are mainly manufactured.

Luoyang Zhongyuan Mining Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Luoxin Industrial Zone, Luoyang City, which is a millennium imperial capital and peony city, covering with 30000 ㎡. Benefit from Jianxi exit of Southwest belt highway that near the No.310 national road, its traffic is very convenient. Equipment of briquetting, crushing, mixing, conveying, cement, coal, manual machine-made sand, and other complete plants are mainly manufactured, which can be widely used in metallurgy, mine, building materials, chemical, coal, power and urban garbage disposal industries and sold to the market of domestic and abroad of Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Asia and other areas,passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system and CE certificate of EU,and achieve a high-reputation. We have developed into a shining pearl in the domestic manufacturing industry since 1986.

Cooperation Case


High Pressure Ball Machine


Compound Crusher Use Site


Four-tooth Roller Crusher Use Site


High-pressure Roller Mill Use Site

Video and Blog

High pressure briquetting machine
high-pressure grinding rolls
horizontal strong continuous crusher
compound crusher
High pressure briquetting machine
high-pressure grinding rolls
horizontal strong continuous crusher
compound crusher

How to improve the life of the belt conveyor?

In the production activities of mining, metallurgy, coal, machinery, electric power and other industries, various types of conveying equipment are often used. Belt conveyor is one of the most widely used equipment. Belt conveyor has reliable operation and high degree of automation. The characteristics of large conveying volume, long conveying interval and convenient maintenance are […]

What is the working principle of high pressure roller mill?

High pressure roller mill is a new type of grinding equipment developed on the basis of roller press for cement in recent years. Mines increase the specific surface area for fine grinding. The high pressure roller mill has the characteristics of high production efficiency, large crushing ratio, low power consumption, significant energy saving and convenient […]

What are the reasons for the blockage of the briquetting machine?

The briquetting machine has high operation efficiency, which can not only complete the production quickly, but also ensure the quality. In particular, the briquette briquette machine is related to the quality of the product, so it is necessary to eliminate unfavorable factors as much as possible for the working state of the briquette machine. In […]

How to maintain the roller skin of the briquetting machine?

In modern industrial production, in order to save raw materials, various equipment in various industries emerge in an endless stream. As an important equipment for processing and reusing residual materials, briquetting machine will inevitably experience various wear and aging during use. Important working components in the briquetting machine Roller skins are often worn out and […]

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